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How to shrink OS6.0/OS7/OS7.1

Download whichever OS you require for your @BlackBerry device to your Windows 7 or 8 PC and install the OS

Check out @RapidBerry for all your BlackBerry Device & OS

I personally chose OS [leak] OS7.1.0.714 for my BlackBerry Bold 9900


BlackBerry Device Software Version 7.1

Country or Region Selection: Canada (English)

Accept the terms in the license agreement, click next.

Install the OS to your Windows PC, wait until it is fully completed.

Make sure to delete the vendor.xml file(s); there’s 3 ways.

(1) Download Delete Vendor XML file, which is available, courtesy @rapidjohn via @RapidBerry

A cmd file to extensively delete the vendor.xml file(s) when you want to upgrade or downgrade your OS.

No third party tools needed.

Simply run as Administrator and you’re done.


  • Go to BBH Tool, under the Start tab, click on the Delete Vendor.xml
  • This way will remove either one or both vendor.xml file(s)

(3) you can delete the vendor.xml file(s) manually, which I will show you below, on your Windows 7 x32-x64bit PC

Note: for those running Windows 7 x32-bit (x86) SP1, go to My Computer, click on Primary [C: ] hard drive.

Computer > Local Disk [C: ] > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > AppLoader > vendor.xml <[delete this]

for those running Windows 7 x64-bit SP1, go to My Computer, click on Primary [C: ] hard drive.

Computer > Local Disk [C: ] > Program Files [x86] > Common Files > Research In Motion > AppLoader > vendor.xml <[delete this]

To find the other vendor.xml file [if applicable] go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options 

Click “Show hidden files and folders”

As you can see, under the Advanced settings:

Hidden files and folders

Click Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Click OK

Return back to My Computer

Local Disk [C: ] > Users > xxxxxx > AppData > Roaming > Research In Motion > BlackBerry > Loader XML > vendor.xml [<delete this] (*don’t delete Device*]

Now click on the Shrink-A-OS tab, as you can see I have checked off specific Applications*Fonts*Games*IM/Social Apps*Languages*BlackBerry*Languages*Additional Language Terms*Media

Make sure to check off ones you wish to include in the OS shrink.

Do not check off everything!

It will cause OS instability, and a possible bricked @BlackBerry device.

When you are 100% comfortable and ready to shrink your for BlackBerry Bold 9900 (as an example), click Shrink My OS!

A message will appear, showing “Your OS has been shrunk. Launch Loader/Desktop Manager to update to your phone”. (See screen shot)

Before: 258.53 MB

Files: 1,958 files

After: 99.47 MB

Files: 536

Total: -160MB

Note: shrank a total of 160MB from 258.53MB, which is quite impressive.

This image you see shows that I have already downloaded and installed OS7.1.0.714 leak OS for my BlackBerry Bold 9900.

BBHTool can be found at

The latest BBHTool version can be downloaded HERE

As a reminder, BlackBerry Desktop Manager [for PC] can be downloaded HERE

Please Note: After installing your custom OS to the BlackBerry device, please pull the battery out at least 3-4 times in one day, so the OS has a chance to settle.

The purpose of using this 3rd party software, courtesy of @theiexplorers is to shrink any multi-lang or full-lang [OS] Operating System for your @BlackBerry device, which can give you much needed Application Space for current and/or future application installs on your OS5, OS6, or OS7 device.

On a side note, you may notice that I have included to shrink Twitter #T4BB, Facebook, Google Talk, BlackBerry App World, Podcasts, Protect, etc., as I prefer to download those separately from;

BBH Tool is to be used carefully, as improper use may result in a possible bricked BlackBerry device (for example) installing an OS that is not for that intended device.

I am not responsible if anything were to happen while using this 3rd party software, I can only guide you the best I can so you can enjoy your device.


I may update this blog from time to time to better reflect current information for all BlackBerry users who wishes to shrink their OS5, OS6, or OS7 device.

Please give thanks and show your appreciation by Ask Me Anything (on your right) on the blog, it would be great to know that users are visiting my blog and asking questions.

Thank you very much!!



Big thank you to RIM, @BlackBerry #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerry10 #BB10

Updated October 15, 2012

Any act of copying my blog without my permission, will result in a serious backlash from me, therefore, DON’T!!

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